Eating habits while at ATP housing


ABC Store? Surely you jest. Yes they let me live in Hawaii and I’m no local BUT anyone who does knows 7/11 has the best musubi. Now ABC stores (aka the Tourist Mart) don’t exist outside the borders of Waikiki. If you doubt my claim, next time you’re here take a cruise out to the West Coast, pull into one of the Waianae 7/11s and tell one of da local bruddas ABCs musubi is more ono. Let me know how it goes :wink:



I have always found the ABC stores to be very touristy.

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Yes, that was purely for my amusement. lol. 7-11 and Jack in the Box ruled the island when I was stationed out there years ago (01-05). I had to take my wife to Hawaii for our 10th wedding anniversary June 2018 (her 1st time out there) before she believed me on just how popular spam was and that a hamburger patty on rice with gravy really was a delicacy.

No kidding. I was just in Kona last week and there was one, if not two on every block!

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Official Hawaiian pilot breakfast happening LIVE! :wink:



Sounds healthy :joy:

Or rather looks healthy lmao

Adam, you’re awesome! :joy:

An interesting article in the Washington Post about how this pilot stays healthy while away from home. Yep, meal prep made it in there!

But not a single mention of Twinkies. Hmmm… :thinking: :rofl:

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Then they obviously didn’t speak with any real pilots!



Guess that doesn’t make me a real pilot then.


Oh @Adam, my blood sugar just spiked on your behalf. :open_mouth::rofl:

The new Twinkies cereal tastes like a spoonful of sugary nostalgia — and never gets soggy.

I actually spent a good 10 minutes staring at the box in the supermarket (seriously). That might be a line even I can’t cross…


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My whole life I’ve been involved in sports. I played baseball, soccer, ran track, and varsity football. I still go to the gym about 4-5 days a week. I also have a super fast metabolism so I pretty much eat 5-6 times a day and not gain a pound. Recently my parents said that I would get fat once I reach their age and I bet them a million dollars that it wouldn’t happen. After reading through this discussion, I’m getting a little worried :joy:

Meal prepping, Protein Bowl freezer meals, and Wawa sums up my life of sustenance while at ATP. Occasionally I indulge eating out, but that is a rare occurrence.

Heh, @Adam,

Musubi was my morning go to as well when golfing in Japan. Don’t know how people refuse to like it…:thinking:

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Wawa? There are only a couple locations that are within (reasonable) range of a Wawa. What location are you out of?

I’m out of KRIC. There’s practically a Wawa on every street, lol.

Nice! I’m assuming Eric and Fiji are all wrapped up by now?

Yup! They’re program complete and rode off into the sunset somewhere, lol.

I am thinking about attending ATP Flight School in just a few more months from now, so I want to ask, in the student housing, can meals be provided to you by the school if you decide to pay for it or do you must prepare for your own meals? How many kitchen and stoves are in each apartment room of the student housing? Will there be enough for all students in the shared housing to cook together all at once. Also, does the housing provide cooking utensils, spoons, forks, pots, and plates or do you have to bring these on your own?