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Eating habits while at ATP housing


Student housing are apartments with one shared kitchen area, stocked with cookware, dinnerware, flatware, etc.

Meals are the responsibility of each student.


So does the housing provide things like soap, hair dryer, toothbrush, or any kind of restroom equipment? Do we just need to bring our own towel?

Students supply their own toiletries, towels and linens.



Think of the student apartments as furnished apartments. This means that they have furniture and some basic silverware and cookware, but everything else is your responsibility, including feeding yourself.


Add detergent for washing clothes and dishes, pillows, blanket, toilet paper, and don’t forget food.


The housing has all the tools you need to live but you still have to show up and use them. If doing your own cooking or laundry seems daunting, use this time to practice. All your focus will need to be on training. Stressors in your personal life will become a distraction.

I plan to request a shared housing, so how many students will there be in each room?

I believe two twin beds are in each room. So sharing the room with one other student and sharing the two bedroom apartment with three others.

Does the student housing have mailboxes where I can receive mail, or does all mail and packages have to be delivered to the training center?

It depends on the housing complex. Most will have packages delivered to a central mail room or held at the front desk. The training center would be an option for higher value shipments