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Just wondering, is a bachelors degree necessary to land a job as an airline pilot? Or can a AAS in Aviation Technology pass this education requirement? Money is a bit of an issue for me, and so I’d prefer to stay away from university costs.

It is my understanding that college is not required to “Land a job with the airlines” Although, from speaking with major airline pilots such as Delta, American, and Air France they all stated most airlines would pick someone with a degree over someone who doesn’t. I understand the money issue, a word of advice though that might help you is if you lost your medical and you were not able to fly anymore what would you fall back upon? Hope this helped and if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

Please check out this link for an answer to your question:

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By the way Chris, since that topic is closed, I’ll just ask here; what are some majors that you think would be good for me? I definitely wish to stay in the STEM field, no medical or business or anything. That would be helpful.

I would recommend any major that interests you and that you could see yourself doing if for some reason the flying career does not work out for you.

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I’m just curious with the gettting a degree in something other than aviation in case being a pilot doesn’t work out. How are people getting loans for schooling and pilot school? Is everyone just willing to be 200 grand in debt?


Not every school costs that much, but I see your point. How else would it be paid for? Not very many people have that kind of money on hand. It’s usually either borrowed from a bank or family member.

This really isn’t that far from the norm when you consider how much time and money is required for other professions that require higher education.



While flight training is definitely in the $100k range college need not be. Many people get their core reqs done at a local community and then transfer to finish.
Factor in financial aid for many local schools and you can get that number down considerably.


My son is going to a Community College and we are paying for it while he flys at a small airport beside us. His school also provides a Bachelor Degree in Aviation Management from the University of Illinois (they partnered) so he will get a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Management at Community College prices! He did duel enrollment his senior year of high school to start his aviation degree. We do not receive any financial assistance and I have not found a financial institution that will give a loan for his flying. He works part-time to pay for flying and I have been contributing from my 401k. I told him he will have to take care of his parents when we retire if a loan does not fit into the equation!
Best of luck!

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Yes, people do take on significant debt loads for college and flight school, there really is no other way. When you think about it though, the cost is right in line with what other higher level education programs cost and the earnings potential are rather large.


I’m curious to know now, does he take four years of college in order to obtain that partnered bachelors?