Educational Background fact for Future Airlines Pilot?

Hi Airlines Expert,
i m 37 old live in Newyork , usa . from Bangladesh 2015. i had 13 years experience in aviation as a ground handling & passenger service. last i did as station manager for Turkish Airlines for (DAC) Dhaka Airport. Right now i am asylum seeker in USA.

In my childhood my dream was became a pilot 7 get job with airlines. After that got job & spend long time with airlines but not in cockpit . 13 years i pass my time at airport.
i like to become my dream makes true. recently i enroll in Global aviation in Republic airport, farmingdale , Newyork for Private Pilot License Course for 50 hours. I did just complete 01 hour test flight. I do determined to take this course.

my question to about me.
Am i go for being a pilot course 50 hours
& future might be i will enroll 250 hours for Commercial Pilot License ( CPL ) while i have degree in masters in Business- Management my mejor subject. I have no science education background where is no mathmetical terms & formula. I have no idea about meth.

but , i am strong hopeful.
please advice ,
is it really possible for me one day i can became a pilot for airlines ( CPL) ?

please it good for me or just spend money & time for nothing in future ??

thank you.

Mohammad Anwar Shamim

Mobile : +1 (347) 968 5868
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First thing we must address is your English language skills. ALL Commercial pilots must be English language proficient and frankly yours is lacking. Now please understand your English is MUCH better than my command of ANY other language so kudos but you must continue to work on it.

Ok now you say you’re seeking “asylum” in the US? You need to know to work as a pilot in the US you must be either a citizen OR have permanent resident status. Since you’re already in training I’ll assume you had your TSA background check ?

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, your education is more than sufficient to fly for any airline. While you’re not old, you’re certainly not a kid. If you truly aspire to fly for an airline you really need to get serious and step up your training. You’ll need not just your PPL and CPL but your Instrument and Multiengine ratings as well. After you earn your CPL you have to understand that the airlines require a minimum of 1500hrs total time by law before you can fly for one. How are you going to build that time? The most common route is flight instruction which means you’ll also need your CFI ratings. That takes us back to the need to be either a citizen or have permanent resident status.

Hope this info helps.