Emergency Situation Benefits

First off I want to say thank you guys for doing what you do, this is a very educational site and I enjoy going through the interesting questions and answers on this site it is very appreciated :smiley:

My question is, I have often heard that when a plane needs to make an emergency landing, the crew gets some kind of benefit or reward for handling the situation if it goes well. I often hear in documentaries the Captain says “This is wear the money starts coming in” in emergency situations.

So is it true that if an emergency occurs like say a passenger is unconscious and you guys need to make an emergency landing so that the passenger can get professional medical help, when you do that and land the plane and get the passenger to safety will you guys get any special benefit? If so, what is that benefit? I would assume it varies from airline to airline.

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The expression is usually said “this is when we earn our money”. It is metaphorical and refers to the idea that most days are relatively easy, but the hard days that involve emergencies are when pilots work hard. There is no extra financial compensation for handling emergencies. It is simply part of the job.


Unless it’s like a MAJOR incident, then you get book and movie deal like Sully! :slight_smile:



Of course, it is part of the job. Honor and Respect from the passengers and crew must be a rewarding compensation :sunglasses:

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That’s the way to do it, I can see the upcoming movie title “ADAM” directed by Clint Eastwood, and Sylvester Stallone playing you :joy:

Thanks Jesse but I’m good. You see if they’re making movies about you that means you had an “exciting” flight and demonstrated your superior pilot skills. While I’d love the attention, doing the late night talk show tour and maybe go to the Oscars with Scarlett Johansson, I’m all about BORING flights. Take off, cruise, land REPEAT. Forget fuel, I don’t even like when we run out of Diet Coke! :slight_smile: