Employment after completing ATP

Hello. My name is Joseph. I’m looking into ATP. I have a serious question though that I can’t seem to get a straight answer on. Where can I find the jobs that I would qualify for after completing training at ATP? I’m 38 years old and I have a wife and 4 children depending on me. There will have to be a lot of sacrifices to make the time in training work. I really need to know that I can actually earn a living while I earn my flight hours. If that’s actually possible please tell me where to look for these jobs. If they are far and few between, as if it’s possible but not probable please tell me.


Here is a short list of those that you could do immediately after completing your training at ATP to build time. A realization that the first few hundred hours after training is considerably entry-level work into the career you’re building. There are obviously other avenues, but this is a short list found under 14 CFR 119.1(e):

There are ways to seek jobs: Google, Facebook groups, flying website like Climbto350, AirlineApps, etc. Going directly to company websites to see requirements should be of interest and potentially contacting a recruiter specific for information; networking is key.



Brady gave you a great list. A thing to keep in mind is opportunities vary considerably based on your location (ie, there’s alot of banner towing near the beach but not much cropdusting).

The most common route of course is flight instructing which not only checks the box for hours but also the quality of this hours. Further successful ATP students who become instructors can use this as a launch platform for many of the Regional cadet programs, pathways and even Spirit and Frontier’s Direct access.