Endeavor air Retention bonuses

Hello, i am a infant in the aviation industry, i plan on going in for my PPL this summer. Im still analyzing who to fly for commercially, so far that answer is leaning towards Delta. However, a considerable portion of that commitment is tied in with the bonuses offered by Endeavor air. My question is does anybody know if Endeavor is extending its retention and training bonuses past March 31,2023? If not i think United would be a better airline to work for but again, im very new and green to this field so all opinions are welcome. Looking to get the most out my future aviation career. Thanks!


As an “infant in the industry” I recommend you start taking some lessons and start working on that PPL (maybe take a intro or discovery flight or 3) before you worry about who’s uniform you might want to wear. This industry changes daily and the programs that exist could be very different when you’re ready.

Kind of like picking up a baseball for the first time and deciding which team you want to pitch for. Maybe you’ll be a great pitcher but maybe not?


Agreed and Understood. I’ve done a discovery flight once when I was younger and had sights on a different career path. Appreciate the reply!


I recommend spending some time browsing the forum here, especially the Student Experience section as you may find tips and tricks that can help with your own training. As Adam mentioned, getting some lessons under your belt should be your next step. If you’ve taken a discovery flight when you were younger, you should know the feeling of flying is unique. You will want to make sure you find a school you’re most comfortable and enjoy being in the environment because you will spend many hours studying and flying.

I don’t know how what your financials are like, but you will want to try and fly 3 times a week if you can. If you have a date in mind of starting, plan to start your writtens 2 months ahead so that way you can focus primarily on learning to fly and not having to worry about a written. I wish that was the advice I got prior to taking my PPL outside of ATP:

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.