Are their any other ways to to get endorsements for written exams? Let’s say you can reach the 90% but you are in the 80s range… what should one do?

Not trying to sound rude, but you should keep Studying until you can get above a 90. You want your written exam scores as high as possible. In my ground school for my private they would not sign us off unless we scored over 90% as well. Shoot for 100!


You should keep studying until you are averaging scores in the 90s. You have plenty of time until your start date, keep hitting the material and watching your video series. You will get there.


Hey man,
Are you following the Sheppard Air study strategy? I followed it EXACTLY as recommended and the results were amazing. That’s my number one tip.

I’m with everyone else my friend. If you’re not getting the grades you need to study more. In addition to just getting the endorsement, trust me when it comes time to take your practical’s and orals the examiners do look at your written scores. Since they’re well aware that most people can and do score in the 90s, if you don’t they take it as you just didn’t care enough to try. That will often result in a much more thorough oral exam and trust me you don’t want that. Spend the time.


He is studying for the Private written I think. So he doesn’t have Sheppard to work with yet.

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Oh ok,
I didn’t know that. I started from Private though. Looking back, when I did my prep for the PPL written, I did much more in depth studying because the material was so foreign. Video series that ATP gives access to are great for the fundamental topics. Sheppard is great, but is almost all rote stuff.


Correct, so the Sporty’s is the go to guide. He is also supplementing it with the King video series.

I have to admit to having a slight crush on Martha King, if you haven’t seen the series you couldn’t possibly understand.



So are you saying Earv may be distracted by Martha? It’s the fro right?



Ahahah chris :joy::joy: and yes I’m studying for the PPL. I use the video as my “groundschool” Then I take a test on sporty in the subject I just reviewed.

Question: will the written exam have some or most of the questions from study buddy?