Enlisted in the Military with questions

I’m currently enlisted in the Marine Corps and I’m interested in becoming a pilot. I am also currently working on my Bachelor’s Degree. I want to go to school while I am still enlisted and I am just wondering if it would be possible with my limited time to still go to school on the weekends. Would I be able to accumulate the flight time and flight experience I need to become a pilot while still in the military. I understand that if It is possible, it would take a long time.


Flight training is best conduct with frequent flights and ground schools, not spread out over several weeks or days at a time. The military and the airlines train intensively because it is the best, most economical way for pilots to learn. I think you will find that training on weekends only will take a very long time and end up costing much more money in the long run as you will constantly be having to relearn topics.

I would focus on finishing your degree while you are in the service, then go to an accelerated flight school after you get out.



Could you? Yes. Should you? No. Attempting flight training with an already limited schedule is not what I would recommend to anyone. People that try to become a pilot this way don’t learn as much as they should, spend too much, and/or never finish.