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I am currently a student pilot at a flight school outside of ATP with currently 48 hours of flight time. I am nearing the end of my training with only several more flights before going for my check ride. A couple more solo cross countries, a solo to the practice area and a mock check ride. My CFI and I are hopefully trying to get the actual check ride scheduled for mid August. If everything goes well, I hope to enroll in either the ATP Morristown or Trenton location. I understand based off the website I need 78hrs for my private pilot credit but the remaining hours I can get while enrolled. My question is, how long does it typically take to get enrolled and started? Preferably I would like to start right away but understand that probably wont be possible. Also, at what point should I reach out to admissions to get the process started?

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Austin Lewis


We recommend that people apply three to six months in advance of their intended class date. However, since you are working on your PPL, they will ask you to wait to apply until you have your PPL. That being said, it would not hurt to give ATP a call now and start the discussion with them, to include discussing finances.



Luckily for you, in order to get started with the process to attend and enroll at ATP, you have to start with Admissions… so they’re actually your first stop. Below I linked the enrollment steps to ATP. You will have to complete an Admissions Flight with ATP. Furthermore, you will also NEED 78 hours of flight time which 8 hours MUST be PIC XC. However, ATP does offer time building option for those that still need some hours and I recommend if you have the option to use some that benefit of ATP and fly some remainder hours with ATP aircraft, instructors and policies/standards to familiarize yourself.



You should start making the calls now! Classes fill up quickly and august is only a few weeks away. We recommend you start the enrollment steps as soon as possible so that there is minimal delay in your training.


Hey Hannah,

Thank you and will do!

Hey Chris,

Would you recommend calling the Trenton and Morristown locations first or speaking with admissions first?

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Hey Brady,

I will take a closer look at the link for the enrollment steps.

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ALL admissions (as well as questions, scheduling, etc) needs to go through the main office. If you call the locations you’ll probably not get an answer as they’re there to fly.