I’m interested in joining ATP in August. I currently have 48 credit hours in college, will that be enough to accept me?


Not unless you have a few years of “equivalent” work experience. ATPs website clearly states you need a 2yr degree (or 60 credits), equivalent work experience or your Private Pilot license. ATP admin has the final say but if you had none of those I’m doubtful.



My name is mehdi and I am 36 year old…

I always wanted to become a pilot, but I was struggling with my immigration status in this country. Currently I want to get my AA On administration of justice BUT here is my main question.

I live in San Fernando Valley, van nuus city- California. What’s the difference between ATP school with other flight school or academ.

Is that any difference that where you got your commercial pilot license or effecting how fast you can be hired with airline??

For example ATP school near by where I am is Long Beach but there is pilot school next block to me and cost almost 40k lees than ATP down in Long Beach.

School name is Encore flight academy.

Adam or Chris please share your thoughts and knowledge on this with me thanks to both of you


My thoughts are you need to do your homework and make your own decision. I recommend you visit our FAQ section for an overview, then visit ATPs website and whatever other school(s) you’re considering and compare.



You will need to be a legal, permanent US resident (green card) or US citizen to train at ATP.


Hello Chris and thank you for responding…

Yes now I am a green card holder, and I am resident and I can even become us citizen in next 2/5 year

I still don’t get it what’s the difference between ATP and other flight school


ATP has been training pilots for decades. They have a consistent, proven method and are very successful at training new pilots. Other schools are much smaller and often quote prices that are not realistic. ATP also specializes in fast track training and is generally regarded as the fastest route to the airlines. Please take a look at the FAQ section as many of your questions will be answered there.


I appreciated Chris.