Envoy Air ATP Tuition Reimbursement Program

I’m interested in using ATP’s Airline Pilot Track to get to Envoy Air.
What’s the best course of action to get there from zero time?
Also…is it true that ATP requires college credits? I’m trying to just get into ATP and get started after high school. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Hello Jonathan and Welcome!

The course id fairly simple. You sign up and do your training at ATP, do well. Work at ATP as an instructor and somewhere around the 500hr mark ATP will arrange an interview with Envoy. Do well on that and they’ll offer you a conditional offer of employment for when you’ve built the 1500 hr minimum requirement.

Problem is (as you pointed out) ATP does require you to have either a college degree OR your Private pilots license. Don’t take this personally but ATP has had some issues with people straight out of high school not having the discipline to handle the program. Frankly they don’t want you wasting your time and money. The other problem is most Regionals (including Envoy) have a minimum age of 21. If you started at 18 and built your time in the average 2 year you’d be a year shy of eligibility. It just doesn’t work.

Jonathan you’re young and if you truly want a career in aviation you’re eventually going to want to fly for a Major. That means you’ll need a degree so you might as well bang that out while you’re still in “school mode” because trust me the further away from it you get, the harder it becomes. If you’ve got your heart set on flying fast and going to ATP you’ll need to get your Private. The reality is there are no shortcuts.


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I m sukhvir singh ,i want to become pilot my age is.32 , is it possible now to become pilot ?

Hello Sukhvir and Welcome!

You don’t give me much information about yourself or your goals but the short answer is maybe? Not sure if you want to fly recreationally or professionally, but flying takes some skill, some intelligence, some dedication and of course money. If you actually want to fly for an airline throw in some sacrifice, hard work and MORE money.


Hi sir, thank you for reply
I m Sukhvir Singh age 32 from india. i have done graduation. it is my wish to become pilot. Please guide me how can i start. Thank you


Are you residing in India now? Are you a US citizen? Are you desiring to fly in India or the US? These all affect what kind of training you will need to go through.


Yea sir i m resident of india and desired to fly . One more thing sir ATP could provide some loan for pilot training because it is some costly .


ATP does work with foreign students, check out the “International” tab on the website.

The loan vendors that ATP works with are US based companies that to my knowledge only loan money to US citizens. I might suggest that you look into schools in Europe as they might better suit your needs.