Envoy and Star Alliance

Hey everyone!

So I was reading through Envoys website, just sort of scoping out how all the regionals are and what they offer even though a lot can change within the next two and a half years and saw the mention of being able to jump seat on American flights as well as Star Alliance for International travel, what is involved with international jump seating? and if they allow star alliance does that mean you can jump seat with any airline under that partnership?


Are you talking about JumpSeating or Pass Riding? ALL pilots in good standing in the US can jumpseat on ALL US carriers and many other carriers as well. JumpSeat agreements are set up by carriers to assist their pilots in commuting and travel so an Envoy pilot (or a ExpressJet pilot, or a SkyWest pilot, or a Mesa pilot etc) can JumpSeat on American, or United, or Hawaiian, etc. if there’s an available jumpseat in the cockpit or passenger seat in the back. Now Pass Travel is something else and that extends to family and significant others and allows you (and your significant other and some family) to fly as a passenger and those agreements are generally for the airline(s) your Regional supports. While Pass Travel can change, JumpSeating will not.


Oh okay, I think it was pass riding that I was talking about. I must have misunderstood with how Envoy had worded it on the website. Thank you for clearing that up for me Adam!



It should be pointed out that jumpseating on other airlines is generally only available on domestic flights. There are security restrictions that prevent pilots from doing so on international flights.