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Since I decided that I wanted to become a pilot. I had been investigating about the different airlines and the opportunities that they offer, therefore I decided that I wanted to work for either Envoy or PSA. I would like to know how hard will it be for me to get hired by any of those two airlines?


Pretty much all of the regional airlines have pretty similar standards. They will all of course require 1,500 hours of flight time. Beyond that they will be looking at educational background and how well how will fit with the corporate culture of the airline.

It does seem that Envoy and PSA have become a. It more desirable for new pilots, so that will of course make the competition a bit tougher.


Thank Chris. I have another question. When it comes to getting a job, Does knowing multiple languages help you?

Not really as English is the official worldwide language of aviation. It will however make you popular with your crew when overnighting in a foreign city where you speak the language.



While it’s all well and good to envision your future I wouldn’t get too fixated on Envoy (or any carrier) at this point. You have yet to start training and many things can happen over 2-3 yrs from now. While I assume you’re digging Envoy because of their current highest pay and AA flow-thru you never know which airline will one up them on pay and flow-thru’s are great as long as AA is still hiring.

If I were you I’d focus on starting your flight training and becoming the best pilot you be.