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Everett, WA AME

Hey all! Looking to get my intro flight in this next week and need to get my physical out of the way.

Any pilots or students have an AME referral for Everett or the Olympic Peninsula? I’m in Port Townsend.


Welcome to the forums! For the Medical, FAA First Class Medical, start by searching this database to find the nearest First-Class AME to you.

Secondly, go to the MedXpress (FAA) website and create an account, complete the application, write and take a photo the confirmation number, print an application out and go to the AME you found on the site above. IT MUST BE AN AME FROM THE FAA DATABASE and cannot be just any doctor…


Thanks Brady!

I got a referral from Regal Air at Paine Field and just finished scheduling with Dr. Franke in Mountlake Terrace for this next Wednesday. FAA application done and submitted. :+1:

Good luck with the your medical appointment! Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help!

Dr. Franke is who I use.

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I can also recommend Dr Franke. I have used him a few times at his SeaTac location, but I forgot he has an office in Mountlake Terrace.


First Class! :white_check_mark:


Nice! Let us know how your intro flight goes. Happy holidays!