Examiner and knowledge test fees

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I know this question was asked previously, but i would like some further assistance if possible. I am finishing up my budget in order to submit my loan application to Sallie Mae and wanted to get a clearer picture regarding the cost breakdown of the Examiner and knowledge test fees.

ATP estimates that the total cost for all examiner and knowledge tests is around 8,200$, but i don’t understand where that money is going towards. Could someone please give me a detailed breakdown of all the test and exam fees and explain where exactly that 8,200$ estimate is coming from.

Thank you!

Chris W

Okay well there is 7 knowledge tests at 160? I believe per test. Then your practicals can range anywhere from like 500-900 per checkride depending on the examiner and where you are located. Then the CFI-A, your initial CFI checkride will cost about 1300 - 1800 depending on location and examiner.

ATP gives that estimate as a general cost that would cover all exams and practicals regardless of what dpe you got and where ever you are
Located. Now for example what I mean by this is that my PPL cost 500, which you don’t really find out the cost till the day before, but ATP sends you 800, so you may not actually need all of the cost they estimate. In which case you can save it for extra bills or whatnot or put it back into your loan as a payment

Hi Chris,
With the knowledge tests, I found that taking them at an actual PSI testing center is cheaper than at my local airport ($96 per test instead of $160) so you may want to look at the pricing for the PSI testing facilities when you are scheduling.


Thank you guys for the help! In regards to checkrides, how many are there in total? Im thinking i could maybe just pay those checkrides out of pocket, and that way i decrease the amount i take out in total loans, and increase my chances of getting approved for the loan by sallie mae. How much did you guys end up spending on the checkrides in total? Any other recommendations?

Thanks again guys,

-Chris W