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ExpressJet training 2016

I was wondering what the training program is like at ExpressJet currently. Any one have specific answers and tips. Thank you!

Hello Jonathan and Welcome!

I was an instructor for 8 of my 9 yrs at Xjt (ExpressJet), however I believe the program changed somewhat after their merger with ASA. That said most airline training programs are all pretty similar. Typically the first week will be Basic Indoc which is rules, regs, company policies and CRM (Crew Resource Mgmt). Second week is aircraft systems where you’ll learn all about the actual airplane you’ll be flying. That will often be integrated with some sort of procedural trainer which will be a simulator type device without motion or visuals. Finally you’ll be in the full flight sim where the real fun begins and hopefully everything comes together (2 weeks give or take). If all goes well you’ll take your checkride to earn your ATP license and applicable type rating. After that you do IOE (Initial Operating Experience) where you’ll actually fly under the guidance of a check airman until they decide you’re good to go. Your first 100 hrs you’ll be considered High Mins which will restrict you from landing or taking off from certain airports, under certain weather conditions etc. After you’re a fully qualified First Officer. Good times.

Btw, Eric has been posting his recent experience training with Shuttle America. Well worth a read.