Hey guys. I was wondering if you guys could shed some light on the current state of affairs at ExpressJet? I know Chris and Adam spent their regional time there, so I was wondering if you guys still had contacts who kept you up to date. Is it true that they are failing, and look like they will cease to exist within this year? I’m obviously far away from applying to any airline, so that’s not the reason for me asking, I was just curious since some guys here spent time there.

I was looking at , and I have learned to take everything there with a grain of salt, (Airline Pilot Central is really good, it’s just the forum is full of complainers) since everyone complains so much it’s painful. I was hoping one of you guys could shed some light on XJet’s seemingly dire situation? I know United was interested in the airline, but it just lost all its Delta flying.

Either way, it shows how the industry can change in an instant. XJet used to be a huge regional. Now it looks like it’s limping.
Thanks in advance!


ExpressJet has certainly seen its better days. My understanding though is that they are not failing and still have a long term contract in place with United. It has been so long since I worked there that I really do not have any inside information on them.


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EVERY airline that existed when I was a kid is gone. TWA, PanAm, Eastern, National, Continental etc. The airline business is a tough one. When Chris and I were at ExpressJet it was the #1 Regional in the country but as Chris said they’ve seen better days. However I have been reading alot about United purchasing them which would be a great thing. In short you never know?