"Extracurriculars" at the Regionals

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After sitting through a couple of regional airline presentations at my training center, I’ve noticed they talk about all these opportunities and programs you can get into besides the regular FO or Capt positions. Things like becoming a check airman, working with flight safety, working as an instructor for the airline, or even with HR helping with recruiting at ATP and other flight schools. They say that it’s a good way to set yourself apart from all the other candidates applying at the majors. I do realize it’s very competitive to get into the majors if it’s not just a seniority based flow-through from the regional. But I wanted to ask you guys how much do the majors really care about these sort of “extracurriculars” and how much of it just boils down to flight time.

Also, I know that ATP also has a similar position open, called Flight Standards Checkride Coordinator and it’s only a 6 week program for folks with at least a commercial license in the program. Do you guys think this is also something worth looking into, despite how easy it apparently is to get into a regional? I keep hearing regionals don’t have a particularly high bar in terms of hiring (given you can pass a background check and no checkride busts) but I don’t know how much of that to really trust.

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I think the extras can be very beneficial for getting hired at a Major as I know my experience as a Regional instructor definitely helped me get hired at Hawaiian. While I don’t think you’d need the ATP Coordinator position to get hired by a Regional in the current environment, I do think it could help you get one of those extra jobs once at the Regional.




Anything you can do to make your resume stand out from the crowd is a good thing. Just make sure that nothing you do gets in the way of building flight hours. At the end of the day, flight time is more important than just about anything else.


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Volunteer experience at the regional level looks very good on a resume. Like Chris said, focus primarily on hours, but volunteering for your airline is an easy way to set yourself apart.