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Good evening, My ATP start date is Feb 6th in Ft Myers, received my training bundle with everything in it. Ill be heading back to Wisconsin (home) tomorrow until the end of January, is there anything I should bring with me from the bundle to study for these exams as it is here in Ft Myers, or is it just the Sporty’s and Sheppard Apps I need?

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The most important tasks you need to complete before your first day of school are to complete the ATP Orientation modules and study for your PAR, IRA and CAX.


You should be totally fine with just the Sporty’s app, and anything else you feel like you need more info on is a quick google search away. I wouldn’t lug that bundle around at this point if I were you.

Definitely don’t sleep on the orientation videos. They’ll take a massive chunk of time to churn through.


Feb is right around the corner. The Orientation videos are required prior to start so you must get those done. If you have time you really want to at least take your PAR (and IRA if you can). It’s not required but will definitely lighten your load.



I would focus right now on completing the Orientation videos due to starting within a month, as Adam mentioned. Then using the remainder of the time start studying for your PAR and getting as much accomplished as possible. You will want to ensure that you could complete the “Oral Review” in the back of your Training Supplement for aircraft at your location and assigned for your first week as well.

You will use Sheppard Air for every written thereafter of the PAR.


Thank you all

I was at the Ft Myers Facility yesterday and someone told me the category from Sporty’s which the PAR exam draws the most questions from, but of course I forgot what I was told with all the information I was digesting. Any insight on that category from the Learning mode on Study Buddy?


If I were you, I’d bring an iPad/laptop to get the orientation modules done and the archer supplement. You can access the study app on your ipad or iPhone.

As for the sportys app, I haven’t seen the layout in years. But from what I remember, in the learning mode you can study based on topic or all questions combined. I’d start going topic by topic then once you get more comfortable go through the entire bank mixed up before taking any practice tests.


Thanks Hannah

Archer supplement Packed!