FAA written Exam

Before taking the FAA written exam, do I have to sign up for a online or in person ground school?

I know that I have to study and all, but is ground school necessary, in order to take the exam?


The FAA Knowledge Exams require an instructor signoff. If you used online study guides they will usually provide you a signoff if you can show them multiple passed practice exams. If not you’ll need to find CFI willing to.


If you are a soon to be ATP student and have placed your deposit down, you can contact them to inquire about a sign off.


Do you prefer online ground school or in person?

What are the benefits of each?

In regards to the FAA written exams there isn’t a physical ground school. I mean technically you could learn everything in person, but it’s not tailored to the exams like the different online programs are.

Online 100%. It’s rote learning and there’s no point in classroom. Strictly repetition.