Failing Written or checkrides

So very direct here, what would happen if one fails a checkride or written exam? Are there a limited amount of times one can retake?

I’ll add to this and ask if they are any check rides students fail more than others? Any areas to study a little more for?

Failures or busts are never a good thing but they do happen and aren’t that uncommon. One or two won’t raise any eyebrows but beyond that we have to start asking if there’s a problem? I’m an instructor at my airline and to be honest I’m definitely harder on the written material. Flying skills are just that, they’re skills which must be learned and frankly some people are just better than others. When it comes to the written material that’s a matter of putting in the time. If you’re not acing the written practice tests well that means you need to study more until you are.

As for which you really need to treat every exam and checkride with the same level of intensity. A bust is a bust and it will come up during an interview.



The initial CFI exam ride can sometimes be more problematic than other checkrides. I studied for all of my checkrides in exactly the same manner, as much as humanly possible.


Good to know. Thank you!

Great info thanks!


From my experience, I observed that most people fail the instrument checkride. I guess it’s just a hard concept to grasp.


To clarify, I think Yarden meant that of those who have a checkride failure, it most often happens on the instrument ride, not that most people fail the instrument ride.

Yes, that’s a better way to put it.
Thank you Chris.

Thanks again for the info! Can’t wait to start!!