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Family Visitation

So I’m thinking of traveling to Dallas to take the Dispatcher and the Commercial Pilot Courses, but I live in Boston MA. So my question is will there be breaks during training were you can visit family? Saying like maybe like a 2-7 day breaks you can take.


My question is do you want to be a dispatcher or a pilot? Both are full-time jobs so you can’t really do both. Regardless the dispatcher course is only 5 weeks. While I’m not that familiar with the curriculum, I can’t imagine there’d be many long breaks during a 5 week program and certainly none that are a week long. As for the Career Pilot Program you will have weekends off and it is possible (if necessary) to get a longer break in there. BUT, please keep in mind this program is HIGHLY ACCELERATED and we’re talking about covering a tremendous amount of material in a relatively short period. Most students find they need all the free time they can get to keep up.


Corey - ATP’s Aircraft Dispatcher Training Program is a full-time program. Classes are typically held from 8:00a to 5:00p Monday through Friday, with occasional weekend attendance required.