FAR/AIM publication year important?

Hi everyone, I am in the process of purchasing a copy of the FAR/AIM.

I am shopping on Amazon and see that the 2023 copy is available for pre-order and will be released on December 1st.

Being new to aviation, should I pay attention to the publication year / edition of supplement material? This question would also apply to ASA test prep material and any other supplemental material that updates publications annually.

Thank you for helping out,


(Here’s a link to Amazon’s website for the FAR/AIM 2023 copy if anyone is interested)


We have no idea what training you’ll be doing, with what school or what your goals are? Without that I couldn’t say what if anything you should buy?

That said you never want outdated publications.


I believe both of these books (the FARs and the AIM are actually separate books) are available free as PDFs on the web.



You should always be using a current FAR/AIM. That goes for charts and plates as well.

Test prep books, you could probably get away with not having the most up to date version of those but keep it within a few years at the most.



I recommend getting the FAR/AIM digital version through the app. It’s a one time purchase and will be updated each year with the newest version so you won’t have to buy the new text.

It is also helpful to search topics and regs you’re looking for. As well as keep it on your EFB to always have with you then lugging around the encyclopedia sized book.

I had the text version at home and kept the app digital version on my iPad. Worked well for me.



I’m a big believer in ensuring that you should have the most up to date version of the FAR/AIM. Not only is it important in your training stages, but things change over time and you will want to ensure you comply with regulations. As they say, Part 61 is how you acquire a license, Part 91 is how you lose said license or privileges.

Hannah linked the ASA app for the FAR/AIM which I like, it allows you to digitally have a copy which also informs of any revisions or changes throughout. It also doesn’t weigh “10” pounds.

My suggestion would be is to buy a paperback copy that you can tab and highlight things in as well as the digital app.