Farewell to the 747

On Tuesday, United Airlines will fly their last 747 revenue flight. My grandfather flew the 74’ for TWA and always said it was the best airplane that he ever flew. I always wanted to fly the airplane, even just one landing, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. It is rather sad to see this icon of the airlines pass into the history books. Long may she fly.

Check out this article for more information: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-747-flies-into-the-sunset/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6i&linkId=44343198



Farewell to the 747! Have flown on United’s many times over the years and will be in SFO tomorrow morning to see it off on it’s final revenue flight for UA. Sadly I won’t be on the flight and instead will be on it’s replacement… the 777-300 to HKG.

Noting will ever really replace it. The A340 is a good looking jet, but it sure isn’t the 747.

I saw this video the other day and thought it was a good tour of the 747. I’ve never been on one and doesn’t look like I will ever get the chance.

Thanks for posting that.

@Adam, do you have any idea what ATC freq UAL747 is likely using after they left Oakland Departure? I’m trying to stalk the flight on LiveATC.net
And, are you going to be able to watch the landing festivities at HNL?


After they leave the West Coast they won’t be “talking” to anybody. Planes crossing the oceans communicate with ATC (in this case SFO Center) via CPDLC (Controller Pilot DataLink Communications, VHF doesn’t have the range) which is basically hi-tech text messaging.

Unfortunately I’m in BNE so I’ll miss the landing but hopefully I’ll see it parked when I get in tomorrow am.



United’s YouTube channel had this nice little video on the farewell as well - https://youtu.be/Zm62JOOmc6k