FASFA Question

Im trying to apply for financial aid through FASFA and was wondering what the school code was because its asking or it. That is if it has one lol Thanks


Good thinking, but unfortunately ATP is not a college/university, therefore does not meet the criteria for students to receive FASFA. For financial assistance please visit ATP’s website. ATP students primarily use personal loans from Sallie Mae. For additional help, call Kirk during normal business hours.


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Kirk in Finance is the man to speak with, he is very knowledgeable in all aspects and can assist you with the right financial assistance you will need. Most students obtain a loan, currently Sallie Mae is the go-to option for ATP because of the “smart choices” they provide, but you can always seek out to any credit lender of your choice. Speak with Kirk before you do any loan applications or anything, he can direct you in the right direction.


How do I contact him?

1-800-255-2877, ask for Kirk.

Thanks Chris. I’ll give him a call tomorrow