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Something I was thinking about, since you get college credit for being in the flight school. Is it possible to get FASFA loan to assist with payment. That would be about 5k of free money if you qualify for it.

Amounts can change yearly. For the 2016–17 award year (July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017), the maximum award is $5,815.

I have looked on FASFA’s website and ATP is not an accepted school. But maybe I can contact them and see if I can still get it. If I do I will share the info here to assist with other people


As you said ATP is not part of the FASFA program. There is a lengthy explanation to this, but the short answer is that it would end up costing the students more if ATP participated in the program.


Thank you Chris. I was curious and I appreciate the answer. Just trying to find a way to reduce the cost if I can.