Fast track program & ATP partnerships

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if it was worth it to go through the fast track program, even with covid going on, since regionals aren’t hiring right now. Also, are students still able to go through the ATP partnership flow-through programs even though regionals aren’t hiring? Thanks for the advice and insight in advance!

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ATP has been training pilots for over 30yrs. The partnerships and flow agreements are great but they haven’t always existed and the pilot shortage that prompted them is also a fairly recent thing.

The fact is if you want to be a pilot you have to be trained, you need to build time and eventually get the job you want. Sometimes it’s easier than others but regardless you still need to complete the process. The experts are saying the recovery could be anywhere from 2-4 yrs. When the airlines do they will without question need to hire. ATP has already created partnerships with a number of 135 operators to keep their pilots flying and building time and experience. If you started today and the recovery is faster you’d be ready to go when it does. If however it doesn’t it will not be immediate and the airlines will do what they’ve always done, hire the most experienced and qualified pilots. When that happens who do you think they’ll grab first, the guy who waited for the some light and just broke 1500hrs or the pilot who’s been flying, building twice the time and experience?

As for your other question all the airlines are looking at furloughs so no, right now all the cadet and flow programs are on hold.


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