Feeling Bummed

So i am 37 and i have always wanted to be a pilot. I am blind in my right eye so when i got out of high school i was told i couldn’t become one. So i just forgot about it and went on with my life. Well now after i have done a few things in life i want to do my one goal in life. I took my Medical Exam yesterday to see if i could get a class one medical card. The Dr told me that it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get back. So today i applied for a loan cause i have picked a flight school near my town and they told me i had to have a cosigner. Sucks cause i have great credit and make ok money but for some reason they said that. I don’t have anyone that would do that nor would i even ask. I don’t know where to go from here. If anyone has any ideas i would really appreciate it.


I’d try other lenders. That said these loans are unsecured and can be difficult to obtain. Perhaps a HELOC if that’s a possibility.



The first thing is to wait and see if the medical is actually approved. From there, you could look at other lenders, try to save some money, or look into house refinancing options. Thanks here are other paths out there, but they will take some time and require patience.



I taught a pilot with monocular vision. In order for him to get his first class medical, he had to demonstrate his flying abilities to the FSDO. That way he could have “SODA” (Statement of Demonstrated Ability) annotated on his medical and continue training.

When the FAA sends you their response to your application, I image that they will include instructions on how to go about getting your SODA. If I remember correctly, you’ll basically have to be ready to solo to pass the evaluation with the FSDO, which will require flight and ground lessons with a CFI.

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