Felony Arrest, No Charge or Conviction

In December 2016 (age 22) I was arrested for a felony for being in the vehicle where the driver had unknowingly bought and stored marijuana. Being the manager of a four team group of individuals who traveled the U.S. for a marketing company we did not know the teammates all that well and this individual unfortunately decided to take it upon themselves to decide our fate this evening. All four of us were arrested. Due to the situation, a court date was never issued for the 3 individuals who indeed did not know about the illegal drugs (myself being one of them) and no convictions were made. My question is if this is the only thing on my record would it hold me up from being hired on to a regional airline and then a major airline following my graduation from the fast track ATP program and CFI program? Seeing as these two programs back to back would take roughly 2-3 years I would also be outside of the “10 year background check” window as well (if this 10 year time window is indeed accurate for both regional and major airlines). Any and all insight is greatly appreciated as I would hate for something like this to hold me up from my dream of becoming a major airline captain. Thanks in advance!


If in fact that’s the case as you describe and you have no other issues you should be fine. You will have to disclose on your FAA Medical application and answer questions and provide details.



Just wanted to clarify your timeline, the Airline Career pilot program is 7 months and then building time as a CFI afterwards for 15-17 months. You can expect it to take about two years from starting the program to being qualified for the airlines. If you start soon, you could be applying in 2025 and still within that 10 year window. Might be good to call the recruiters at a few airlines and get their take on it.



I am not an attorney, but I think you will get asked what happened to the charges. Were the dropped all together, or were they dropped because you completed some sort of drug abatement program? The reason will matter.