Female pilots and children

I’m curious if anyone knows any female pilots who have been pregnant and kept their jobs or what happenedto them afterwards. I don’t have any plans of starting a family anytime in the foreseeable future but I know that may change and I’m wondering what other female pilots do. Do they give up their careers? Is there adequate leave allowed? Do they get other flying jobs that keep them at home more often?

I’m not an expert but I think I remember reading that airlines are subject to FMLA (family and medical leave act).


The airline will not modify anybody’s schedule to allow them to be home more. However, airlines are subject to FMLA, which comes in handy when a child is born.



As the others have mentioned all airlines offer FMLA leave but obviously some airlines are more flexible than others. I actually know one pilot on our seniority list who’s had 3 children in the 5 yrs I’ve been at my airline. I’m not sure the details of her leave but she was hired, trained, flew for a few months and has been out since. I recently saw she’ll be returning next month and going to upgrade training. In short I believe she may have forfeited some pay but other than that she still has a job and has maintained her seniority.


How does it work during the pregnancy since pregnant women are advised not to fly?


First off not all pregnant women are advised not to fly and many do so well into their pregnancies. After that it becomes a matter of the airline’s pregnancy policy. Policies can and do vary considerably from airline to airline with some being quite liberal and generous and others not. Some provide for leave while others the pilots have to use their sick or vacation time until it’s exhausted. Pilots choose airlines for any number of reasons and I know many women pilots for whom this is a major factor in their decision.


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