Finally Enrolled

Made my deposit and I’m finally enrolled. Looking forward to getting started. Going to Wilmington and starting February 18th from private. Already started working the instrument written. Leaving a career I’ve had for 25 years to follow my dreams. Onwards and upwards!



Congratulations on taking the next step! Please keep us up to date as you progress through the program!


Thanks Chris. Will do.

Congratulations! It takes a lot to drop everything and follow your dreams.

Thanks Frank. It does. At 43 the stars have aligned for me. Now is the time.

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Just curious how things are going Don?

Good evening Marcus. Things are going well. I’m currently in Jacksonville Florida at CFI Academy. It’s fast and furious. To say my mind is blown and it’s a bit overwhelming would be a big understatement. But I’m making it happen.


Awesome! Good luck to you!

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