Finances while training

I am looking to begin training within the next 6-7 months as I prepare finances with savings, liquidating some assets, and eliminating some other debt. So aside from the initial loan for training, I figured out what I need out of pocket for up front costs (gear, examiner fees, ect) I can pay for all of that and have some funds aside after that, but my main concern is maintaining finances for living life during the training. I will have vehicle loan payment and housing/food needs as well. My savings will not supply enough to cover all of this for the 9 months. I spoke with admissions, and was told I basically should not have any other job and need to M-F 8 hour days available at minimum. I understand this and am ready for the weekly requirements and sometimes weekends free, but what I am curious about is about the possibility of having at least a part time weekend job during training. I understand this is going to be mentally challenging and require many extra study hours, but is it possible to have a part time job while training to pay for these life necessities? How else does anyone eat at minimum with no other supplemental income? Maybe I need to postpone further to get more money saved. I greatly respect and appreciate all of the wonderful information on this forum and any replies are very, very much appreciated as well.

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Hi Nick,

This is America and you can do whatever you want. BUT, I would STRONGLY advise you against working (even part-time) while training. The Career Pilot Program is a highly accelerated program and requires a tremendous amount of time, effort and self-study. While I appreciate the financial challenges of being unemployed, you also need to recognize you’re investing a large amount of money into your training and if you wash out due to fatigue, distraction or your inability to keep up that’s on you and that’s YOUR $66K you’re gambling with. Aviation is really not the kind of thing you want to “just get by” or barely pass. This is a serious vocation that has a fair amount of risk. The majority of people take their loans out for additional funds to cover living expenses. I suggest you think about that or postponing until you’re in a better position financially. That’s my 2cents but again it’s a free country.


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It is not possible for you to have a weekend job during training or while you instruct. While the schedule is M-F for a good portion of the training, there are times when you will need to fly weekends, especially if weather has impacted your training schedule.

While I know that you are eager to get into the skies, I think that your best bet would be to save up your money and be able focus on your training without worrying about finances.


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Ok great, that’s what I needed to know. I will crunch some more numbers and figure out what other funding I need and a better time frame for starting. I thank both of you for the sound advice and input. Happy flying!!

Any time. Come back with any questions you may have.

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