Financial options in ATP

Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’m still in the research part of applying, as I found ATP one of best flight schools I started researching about my financial options just to make it clear I can’t afford it lol however I’m really interested in the Zero to ATP fixed wing option, I’m a green card holder and have some experience in flying, I flew AS350 B3e for little over 200hrs and have little over 100 Gyrocopter MTOsport but No license as I was in the military, now I live in Kcmo, I’m planning to start next year by 2020 just wondering what’s my financial options and what anyone advices me to go through?
Thank you in advance
PS: sorry if my English not profession, English is my 5th language:)


ATP uses Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae as their lenders but you of course are free to investigate all options.

Your English doesn’t seem bad but know that ALL pilots worldwide MUST be English proficient. If you feel you’re not or it’s weak, work on it.


Thanks Adam for responding, I just finished my phone call with ATP to get more information and they did a quite great job answering my questions, as they cleared most of the questions I had there are couple that I prefer to get from someone who been through the program and if they had the chance what would they change in there financial decisions, for my English part I’m always working on it to make it better and I’m indeed improving but as life keeps us busy im not progressing as fast as I want too :slight_smile: