Financing ATP Program AND Cost of Living

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First, I just want to acknolwedge that I have spent quite some time flipping through the various threads on this forum and am very thankful for the input from both the mentors and non-mentors, so thanks for your time and imparting your knowledge!

Now to the subject… If for some reason this has already been addressed either on this forum, the ATP website, or even somewhere else, then please feel free to provide me with a link to that information - unless doing so would violate this forum’s rules…

Long-story short I will be applying for both of the free, non-obligatory financial-aid/loan options recommended by ATP soon; my biggest concern is that I do not think it’s possible for me to have a co-signer since my family is almost non-existent and I do not know anyone that would be willing to sponsor me, financially speaking. Anyway, let’s just pretend that somehow I manage to get the financial-aid necessary to pay for the program, materials, check-rides, etc. How would someone with absolutely zero family, financial support and just over $4k spending money stashed in the bank be able to afford the additional cost of living, e.g., gas, rent, utilities, sustenance, toiletries, insurance(s), etc. for the duration of the program without taking out even more high interest rate loans? I’d be doing the 9-month program by the way.

So, how did some of you - mentors, CFI’s, students, etc. - make it work? How do you think someone like me could make it work without insane debt?

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Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the housing option would be your best bet.

Yes, that does seem promising. Do you by chance know if the utilities (water, gas, heat, refuse, etc.) are included with that $200.00 per week bill? Or is the $200.00 per week just for rent?

I failed to mention, $200.00 per week is almost outrageously expensive for a shared apartment - even where I’d probably be going.


The $200 week includes utilities. Not sure we’re you currently but that’s actually pretty reasonable in many cities. That said if you can do better by all means.


Thanks for the replies, Adam and Allen. $800 / month is pretty much what I pay now for rent and utilities, so I guess I am used to it.


I would also point out that ATP’s housing options do not require you to sign a lease, so you can stop paying the week that you do not need it anymore.


Pieter; I am in the same situation as you regarding financing and living expenses. I strongly recommend you contact ATP financing and housing as they can best assist you with those questions. They have helped me out to get a better understanding of options, especially if you’re not tied to a specific location. Call them and see what they can do for you.

Thanks @forourspam @Adam @Alyoung
Funny thing is, I have no debt and a excellent credit score as my portion of college debt is finally now paid off. At this time I am working two jobs, one Mon. through Fri. and the other Sat. through Sun., and even living as frugally as I do, I find it challening to put money away - even with $800 / month in rent and utilities, no personal TV/internet, no fun/leisure, etc. I honestly don’t really spend money on anything other than the bare necessities because I am trying to put money away for my dream. I just don’t have the most humane paying jobs with the most humane “benefits” - if you can even call them “benefits” as I was really left with no other tolerable choices.

Anyway, the point I am getting at is although Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo may cover the gross cost of the program, how were you able to pay for the cost of living in addition to all of that while in the program? Furthermore, what about insurance? Health and car insurance are sort of necessary and I’d like to think that health insurance is especially necessary when the primary activity that you’d be engaged in is inherently dangerous.

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If I’m understanding this right you are pretty much able to “up and move”.

If this is the case a couple things to look at or think about. ATP offers the living quarters at a discount for the CFIs.

After your all said and done with training you won’t have much for income so you should be able to qualify for Medicare or very low prices health insurance through the marketplace.

So you could cover that end and your housing would drop very low.

Just an observation I had and figured I’d pass along.

Good luck with everything

Thanks @Tolento47
I still want to know how the student is supposed to afford the cost of living in addition to the entire cost of the 9-month training program when, from what I gather, the Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo loans are supposed to just cover the cost of the program, cost of living aside. Please correct me if I’m wrong!



Generally speaking, students are able to take out an additional amount of money to cover living expenses while in the program.

I strongly encourage you to call the financing department and discuss this with them as they really are the experts in such thing.


Thanks @Chris
Looks like additional loan(s) or interest will probably be inevitable!

Thanks again for your time and advice people! @Alyoung @Adam @forourspam @Tolento47 @Chris

Hi Pieter @pv215

I am in a similar situation and thoroughly reviewed both the SM and WF loan options, both offer cost of living options ($800/mo for lodging and an additional $800/mo for meals/gas/etc) I understand that that’s $1600/mo in additional debt which is not particularly enticing but when the options are limited…

best of luck

Indeed @Morris Thanks for your input. I guess that’s the trade-off for getting the training and experience in such little time, relatively speaking. I mean, it makes sense. I’ve been living as a frugal student/worker for like 10 or 11 years now and am doing just fine, so I think I’d survive. At the end of the day it’s a pretty big gamble, but one that I think I’d be willing to go forward with!

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I’m one of the only people at the MQY location that doesn’t use the student housing. I pay ~$550-$600 total per month for a nice 3 bedroom apartment in Nashville about 15 minutes from the training center.

Obviously everyone’s situation is different, but I don’t see how they do it. The guys say it’s 6 people per 3 bedroom apartment. Doesn’t sound great to me. Also I pay 2-300 dollars less than they do per month & I get my own room & bathroom.

I’d say if at all possible, try to find outside roommates & get an apartment somewhere else. Especially if it saves you money it should be a no brainer.


Listen, ATP OFFERS housing as a convenience to their students and instructors at a very fair and reasonable price. The apartments are furnished, clean and convenient to the airport. They also often provide the benefit of sharing your space with other students in the program. Unlike a college dorm, you’re all working towards the same goal. This is something many students find to be an invaluable resource since you’ll often find students in different phases of the program to learn from or mentor. That all said it’s an option ATP OFFERS. There’s no lease and no obligation to use the housing. Don’t want to share you space, don’t play well with others or if you simply can find a better deal, again by all means do so. The choice is yours.


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@tblake22 Absolutely. Earlier I mentioned that $800 a month for a shared apartment was kind of outrageous - especially for shared rooms. I pay a little less for a top-level two-bed, one bath in a two-story apartment-home like 10 to 15 min. from my workplaces. It’s really difficult to find living situations like yours where I’m at, let alone the deal that I got.

@Adam Sounds like a worthy investment and a once in a lifetime experience!

Thanks again, Adam