Financing time frame

When would be a good time to apply for financing? I’m wanting to attend ATP in January 2019, should I wait until closer to time or? How long is the approval (assuming I get one) good for? Just don’t want to apply too early or late.


Since you’re about 6 mos out I think now would be good. Obviously I have no idea how your credit is but the sooner you find out where you stand the better. These are unsecured loans and as such the credit requirements are quite hire. If you’re approved immediately that’s great and you know you’re good to go. But if not it’ll give you time to possibly get a co-signer, consider different terms (lower amounts, split financing, etc) or look for alternate financing, without changing your start date.


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Contact the admissions department as they can provide the best answer, but generally speaking, ninety days is a minimum.