Financing with a Cosigner

Hey so do my cosigner have to have a really good credit or a normal credit because I am going to be a fresh out of high school and I worried about taking that risk and wasting time in trying to get my loan approved.


You need an excellent credit to get a full loan for flight school. Mainly, they’ll be looking at your co-signers credit, hence they’re co-signing with you to help you get approved. It all depends on the amount that you’re wanting to take out, as well as previous credit history (both yours and your co-signers). Most banks will give you a second chance to add another co-signer if your first one didn’t pass their credit check. Secondly, they’ll be calling both you and your co-signer and asking a couple questions regarding your background and history. Best of luck!


Yes your co-signers need to have really good credit. If you’re fresh out of High School you have no credit so it’s up to them to convince the bank you’re good for the $80K.

Also you should know to enroll in ATPs program you need either a 2yr degree, equivalent work experience or your Private Pilot license.



You will need to call the admissions department to discuss your specific situation.