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Finiancing assistance


My name is Julian Morley, I’m currently 21 years old and have wanted to become a pilot from the first time I’ve seen an aircraft.

I live in the Bahamas and would like to enroll at ATP as soon as possible. my problem is financing. i come from a family that basically can’t do anything but support me emotionally so ive been trying to get money through the old fashioned work for you money way (which isn’t going well). I’ve attempted to contact my local banks to gain some sort of financial assistance with zero success.

After doing more research and discovered ATP, I’ve became aware of the fact that they have two financing partners that give students a loan covering their full tuition. my new problem came about when I attempted to apply to both loan agencies and got denied for not being resident/us citizen. Both agencies reported back stating that i would need an eligible co-signer in order for me to be processed/accepted.

Now my current dilemma is finding a sutible co-signer (isn’t it?)

Hello Julian,

The reality is finances can be the biggest obstacle for many would be pilots. As a non-resident you’re obviously a huge risk for an unsecured loan. Unfortunately there’s no easy answer here other than finding a co-signer or continuing to work hard and save. If this truly is your dream you will find a way.

Btw, as a non-citizen/resident you will need to go through a very thorough background check with the TSA before you’ll be able to train in the US.



Hello and welcome to the forums. Financing is a common problem that students run into. You are correct in that you will need a co-signer ro be able to qualify for the loan. I would imagine that you will need a co-signer that is a resident or citizen of the United States. It makes sense if you think about it, it would be hard for a lender to recover any money from residents of other countries.

If you are unable to find a co-signer you will need to continue to work and save money, hopefully at some point you will be able to pay for your flight training as you go. Good luck to you, I wish you the best.