Finished the program!

I Started ATP February 18th at the KILG Wilmington Delaware location with credit for private. Yesterday I finished the program with Instrument, Comm single, CFI, CFII and Comm multi. Zero check ride failures or written failures. I also took and passed the advanced instrument and ground instructor written (Gold seal advanced ground). It’s been a great experience and now I’m ready to start my instructor phase of my career. Which will unfortunately not be with ATP as they’re closing the KILG location. So I’ll be at KMTN instructing. Good luck to everyone in the program!



Excellent work, congratulations!!!

Best of luck in your career, please continue to check in with us.


Thanks Chris. Will do

Congrats, Don, that is an amazing accomplishment!
Good luck to you, in your future endeavors.

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Thanks Michael

Congratulations that’s awesome!

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