Fired as FA on probation at a regional, am I disqualified from any flying jobs?

I was fired as a FA on probation at a regional airline. I take full responsibility as I had two call outs in a year due to being sick. I never broke any FARs or anything.

I really want to learn to fly and become a pilot and end up getting a good job. I know better than to apply for the airline I was fired from, but would I be disqualified from jobs with other companies as well?

Thank you.


I don’t think this will be a problem but attendance is important in our industry so whatever your issue is (was) you want to make sure it’s not a theme in your life.


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Thank you for your response! I will be better and not make it an issue.

By the time you actually apply to be an airline pilot, it will have been several years since this incident and you will have had another aviation job or two. I think you will be fine, just make Sur eit does not happen again.

Be prompt, punctual and responsible from here out, and I don’t see this being a factor for years down the road. If for some reason in the future you are not well or running late, be honest and communicate with your workplace.

The other day I left my house when I would for work (to get to my base early), got stuck in traffic due to an accident, I called my scheduling department and informed them I may run just a few minutes past my 60-minute report time for base, and they said if anything changed to give them a call back. Illness and traffic happen, the more communication, the better.


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