First Class Medical- Diabetes Mellitus

Hello, I am 19 and am eager to start flight training, however, I have type 1 Diabetes. Are you able to still get a first-class medical if you maintain very good control? Or is it not possible?

If it is, which I believe I saw something on the FAA’s website where you could if you had 6 months of CGM data, of which no more than 1% of readings were <54mg/dL, no more than 4% readings <70mgdL, no more than 5% of readings were >250mgdL, and no less than 90% of readings were within 70mgdL - 250mgdL and no less 70% of readings within 70mg/dL -180mgdL

Let’s assume that is correct for a moment, which if it isn’t then nothing else really matters here. Does it make since to wait and take a part 61 online ground school, before getting the medical and applying for ATP or another part 141 flight school? Would the school require that I also enroll in there ground school?


We’re pilots and this is a question for an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). Some people might tell you yes, others know but only am AME can tell you for certain.

You can use this link to find one in your area FAA-Designee Management System