First Class Medical ear problems myringotomy

Hi, Im in College trying to pursue my dream to become an airline pilot but i haven’t taken a flight physical because I’m afraid ill get denied for a first class physical because i have tubes in my ears the problem i have is called myringotomy I wanted to know if this can stop me from getting a first class medical.


Welcome to the forum. The only way to find out is to in fact go in for a First Class Medical. None of us on here are medical doctors, let alone AMEs. I would caution you to avoid doing your own research not he internet and just go see a Medical Examiner. They can answer your question.



As Chris said the only one who can give you an answer regarding your condition and obtaining a medical is an AME.

That said delaying the visit “because you’re afraid” isn’t going to help you. The sooner you know then the sooner you can take the necessary steps (if there are any) to make it happen. Burying your head is not a good quality for a pilot.



Here is a link to find a local Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) that is near you.