First Officer Wide Body/Over Seas

Hello all!

I’m 36 and about to start flight school. My goal is to become a First Officer flying to South Korea. Mentors, is this a feasible goal starting at this age? Being a Captain isn’t necessary to me but flying over the ocean is!!!

Thank you :smiling_face:


Not sure where you’re getting your info but at 36 you’re far from too old to accomplish any goals in aviation, including being an international Capt (provided of course you’re successful in training).

I’d be far more concerned with being a competent student pilot than where you may or may not be flying.


I would strongly discourage you from entering this profession if your main goal is to only fly to a certain destination. There are simply no guarantees that you will get hired at an airline that flies to South Korea or even an international one. I would encourage you top look at it more like you want to fly, and it would be a bonus if you got to fly to South Korea.