First time flying

What is the success rate of new flyers completing the 7 month program at ATP?


I don’t have concrete numbers. I’m just a pilot and mentor who went through the program just like thousand across the country are doing right now. I’ll tell you one thing though, ATP has been training pilots for successful airline careers for decades. If the program wasn’t turning out success over the mass scale, it wouldn’t be offered. Sure, if you do a quick Google search you may find threads of complaints by people who didn’t make it through. Instead look at the thousands that did make it, not only through training, but as a CFI and now hired at airlines across the country.



Hannah provided the facts of ATP, you could do a comparison of those facts to another school and make your judgement. The way I look at it is the matter is that the success comes down to the learner (student). The pilot lifestyle involves sacrifices and studying isn’t just while in the training center. I always said to new students that you should be studying 3 hours at least daily outside of the training center: two days of the week you’ll be attending virtual classes called Elevate. You have to also know your limits/self to understand when you need - you time. There will be time that you need to step aside and do things for yourself: exercise, sleep, eat etc. ATP holds a very reputable standpoint with many companies that graduates have a pathway after completion of their hours. I can’t find any other school/university with as many partnerships as ATP.