First week in the books for Zero Knowledge MKC

First week of ATP private pilot training is in the books. It went rather fast and I am excited for the rest of the program. Though I read through as many student forums as I could, I still felt as I was going into unfamiliar territory. Just being hours away from home and not knowing a single person here makes it a unique challenge. Enough about that, Some things that were pointed out or that I noticed in week one

  1. Your Read/view/Do’s are key.
    If Your completing Your read view Do’s in the first week, a day or 2 a head of time you’re golden.

  2. Ask questions.
    This ones pretty straight forward Training center is filled with people who are in all different stages in the program as well as CFIs. These are on of your best and most accurate resources because THEY JUST DID IT.

  3. Don’t be afraid to go out and Start a Pre-flight early or get on Comms in the First week. You’re going to have to do and know these things anyway so why not start early?

I enjoy the atmosphere of learning taking place at least at MKC. Everyone wants everyone to succeed. I’m enjoying almost everything about the program so far, although First flight I did Get a little motion sickness. I have taken the steps I can to prevent that from happening any further and Hope to keep everyone Updated in the near future.


Great write up! What do the read/view/do’s entail?


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Thanks for your initial week write up at ATP and as you quoted, it moves quite fast and by a blink of an eye it’ll be all over. Enjoy the time and memories you will create, make the friendships and do well which in returns means you’ve been successful in many aspects.

Motion sickness in the first few flights is common, it’s a new sensation and if you have no prior experience can tend to be a bit nerve racking. Make sure you’re eating light before a flight and staying hydrated as that will help. As you gain experience you will not only loosen your grip on the yoke, but be able to have relaxed shoulders and sit comfortably.

Read/View/Do’s are broken down for each lesson which provides students specific material to focus on for a lesson that is coming up. For example, in a maneuvers flight you want to make sure you review the configuration and flows while reading up on how to successfully perform a maneuver.

Alex, please keep us posted as you continue through your journey. We always enjoy seeing Solo pictures so don’t forget to take one after you solo.




Great write up, thank you for sharing your experience. Please continue to do so as you are able.


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I got sick on my third and forth flight the first week. The first time I had an air sickness bag and the second I didn’t at minimums practicing TOLs lol. Had to ask my instructor to take the controls to finish landing on our 6th and last for the day. When I was going through what happened I realized it wasn’t motion sickness or heat but actually stress. There’s a lot going on your first time flying in the pattern. After I got the stressful first time out of the way I was able to just fly the plane and the flights became more enjoyable especially after you see the progress your making from each flight.