First Week(s) Experience!

Hello! Thought id include my first week experience for those anxiously reading this forum like I was before my start date. Im actually in week three now though so cheating a little.

It was so much fun! I didn’t know what to expect coming in and that really scared me, but the first day even took so much weight off my shoulders. Yes, it is like drinking water out of a firehose and everybody will tell you that, but it is nothing you cant handle!! Plus, Everybody in the training center is so willing to help explain anything you need whenever something is hard to understand and that really helps. I learned more than I thought I could in a week. Im in the TOLs (Takeoff and Landing) phase now and even looking back two weeks ago I feel like I have grown in every aspect. ATP really sets you up with anything you could need to get through this, and its laid out for you so well. Weather has been delaying everybody a bit, but that just gives more time for studying hahah.

When it comes to the PAR, try to take it before. I do think doing that would’ve been beneficial. Don’t worry though if you cant, it is totally manageable to do during the program and honestly its really helpful to be able to ask your instructor or other students for help understanding questions.

Biggest advice: have a positive mindset going into this to where you see even a rough landing as just another chance to improve. talk to everybody at your center!!! Ive learned tips from people around that have helped me more than things I have read in books (and they are just cool people). Also, celebrate small victories!!

Hoping for many more positive updates on here soon :slight_smile:



Great first write up. A good attitude will take you far in this industry! Sounds like you’re settling in nicely.

Keep us posted!



Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad things are going well for you. Let us know when you get that solo flight in!



Nice write up of your first week at ATP! I love the attitude of “talk to everybody at your center” because that is so important in growing as a pilot.

Please keep us posted and as always, pictures of first solos are always welcomed :slight_smile:



Thanks for the awesome report! Glad to hear things are going so well for you. I too love your outgoing attitude in the training center! Passion and positivity is contagious. When others see you hanging around, hopping in grounds session, studying, preparing for your flights that motivates others to do the same. Then as a group, you have shared experience of doing all the right things together. Positive peer pressure :slight_smile:



Thank you for the reassurance, Corinne! I start on Monday and have been a bit anxious, simply because I’m not sure exactly how it will go. I knocked out the PAR, IRA and FII exams, so that feels good.

Please continue posting updates, because I’m not that far behind what you’re experiencing (:crossed_fingers:). “Study hard and fly safely!”