Fishing BS degree as a pilot

Hello everyone,

Question on my mind, is it possible for a pilot that already have a job to finish school while working? Will it fit in with working schedule either campus school or online to move on to major in the future? I will be starting flying training soon and want to finish my BS at the same time but I don’t want to waste any time to start flying. I already have two associates degrees. Will they do me any good when applying for first regional jobs? Also will airlines pay for future schooling?


The Regionals don’t require a degree (associates or not doesn’t matter). Many pilots do continue their educations, most online and are successful at it but no the airlines will not be paying for it. The Regionals wouldn’t because you’d be using the degree to leave them and the Majors have plenty of applications from pilots with them.

As long as we’re on the subject I’d work at improving your writing skills. Many airlines require an essay or other English written exercise to check/ensure your proficiency.