Flex Schedule

Hello. I’m researching ATP and the possibility of switching careers.
I am a working professional and am wondering if this program is feasible given my full time work schedule. Does the flex schedule allow for remote, after-hours, instruction and weekend flight time?

I look forward to learning more about the possibilities. Thank you.


Thank you, Adam.


I have been doing a lot of research into this as I am currently a professional trying to figure out how to make the transition with the flex program. So far my understanding is that the lessons are done in the evening, but are also saved online and are accessible at any time. You would need to submit a 7 day training schedule with your instructor, at that point it would be dependent upon their availability. Additionally early training can only take place during the day and in good weather. I am hoping to be able to fly as early as 6am for a few hours before I need to be at work by 11am, and do my ground work at night.

By no stretch am I certified here to give you any information. Only telling you the information that I have been given as I research this myself.

I am contacting my local ATP tomorrow to see what they can offer for flight training availability.

I hope this was helpful.


Appreciate the info George. Thank you.