Flex Track vs Fast Track

Hi All,

I am heavily considering switching from a Part 141 school to ATP with my instrument rating. The option to finish faster is just more reasonable for me as I have a previous degree and have had issues with my other flight school’s speed (not as fast as I would like). I am a working professional that is making a career switch young but still not wanting to waste time. That being said, I have switched to a part time job to support myself with a company that is very aware of the career transition I am making. My schedule allows me to have grounds/fly everyday as early as possible but I work Thursday-Sunday, early afternoon to night.

I am considering both the fast track and flex option, if it is available for ATP students beginning at the commercial stage, and the cost associated with it. I am still wanting to fly up to 7 days a week regardless of the track but I know that weather and aircraft/instructor availability are factors in the schedule as well. As I know the flex option is new, I am looking for guidance on:

  1. Whether the fast track option would work with that current schedule (originally made to accommodate intensive flight training)

  2. If the flex track option could be completed nearly as quick in timeline

  3. If the additional cost to allow for some leg room is worth it (I am aware that ultimately the financial aspect is based on my situation, but looking for guidance from other students in their own experience)

Thank you all so much, I am very excited to continue training and look forward to hearing back!


Welcome to the forum. Like you, I got my private license at a small school. It was such a disaster that I switched to ATP for the rest of met ratings.

If you intend on continuing to work, you need to enroll in the Flex Track, there is no discussion about it. The Fast Track is a full time program, you will need every minute to train, study or sleep, there simply is not time to have a job. With the Flex Track, you could continue to fly seven days per week and likely finish very early.

I fully understand the desire and need to work, but you will need to do the Flex Track to do this.



  1. I’m with Chris. The FastTrack is a full-time commitment. That said this is America and you can do as you like. Have people enrolled in the FastTrack and worked? Yes they have and most have failed miserably. Fall behind, bust a checkride you’ll get no sympathy as it was self inflicted. Worse a few checkride busts could seriously derail your career. Ultimately it’s your call but you’ve been war…I mean advised.

  2. No it cannot, that’s not the intent.

  3. It is if it allows you to be successful in the program. But if you’re going to attempt to rush it probably not.

What I do recommend is you enroll in the Flex-Track and see how it goes, if your situation changes or you decide to dive in with both feet you can transfer to the FastTrack and you’ll even get some money back.



You mention coming into the program with credit for your instrument rating. Keep in mind that at that point we would be creating a custom program for you. Custom programs are only offered on a Fast Track basis. During the Fast Track Program we do ask that you are not working or going to school for safety purposes. You can include funds for housing / living expenses into the loan option we offer so that your bills are covered while you train full time.

If you’re looking to pursue the Flex Track, it would be with credit for your PPL.

Hope this helps,