Flight attendant married to a pilot

My husband is thinking of becoming a pilot and I’m thinking of becoming a flight attendant when I get out of the army. Is it possible that he could choose his flight attendant so I could be his permanent flight attendant, and if so how?


Short answer is no. Pilots have no say in the selection of FAs. Everything at the airlines (for both pilots and FAs) is based on seniority. Every month both bid for their “lines” of flying (basically the trips they’ll fly). Depending on your seniority you may or may not get what you want (particularly in the beginning when your seniority is very low). In that case while you can both bid for the same line the odds are against you getting anything more than the occasional trip.

I do know pilot/FA couples who fly together most of the time but both are SUPER senior and it’s taken years for them to get to that point.



No. In fact, you might have a very hard time lining up your schedules. I would recommend against this approach if your goal is to actually see each other.